by The Elements



Due to the accidental destruction of the 2 track master tapes, this recording has been taken from an original vinyl copy of the album. Please allow for any slight unavoidable deterioration in sound quality.
Further information regarding other Elements/Skeletal Family recordings/merchandise etc can be found on the official website at:- www.skeletalfamily.com E-mail skeletalfamily@hotmail.com

1. Both Feet On The Ground 3.30
2. Running Backwards 4.20
3. Stranger In Town 3.45
4. Kill Yourself 4.25
5. Have You Got The Time 3.45
6. If Looks Could Kill 4.10
7. Someone 2.40
8. So Strange 4.10
9. Enjoy Yourself 3.05
10. All My Best Friends 5.15

Although non contenders for the major league, The Elements enjoyed a high profile in the burgeoning 80's West Yorkshire music scene.

Gaining a large local following, the band, formed in 1979 made their first appearance at The Beeches Hotel, Keighley, West Yorkshire.
The initial line-up consisted of Jane Tretton vocals, Stan Greenwood guitar, Trotwood bass, Spud keyboards with Stuart Lilley on drums.

After playing support to bands such as seminal New York punk/reggae crossover band The Bad Brains & UK Subs, enough money was earned to finance the debut album Elementary. The initial pressing of 500 quickly sold out quickly, enabling a further pressing, which was picked up enthusiastically by local radio stations.

By this time the line-up of the band (as noted on the sleeve) was revamped with the addition of Anne-Marie Hurst on backing vocals and Steve Crane drums, recorded new demos with a new direction.

When Rose decided to leave, a new name Skeletal Family (chosen from the band's admiration of David Bowie) was selected with the band playing their first gig at the Victoria Hotel, Cavendish Street, Keighley.

The debut single 'Trees' quickly became a favourite of Radio One's John Peel, who promptly booked the band for the first of seven Radio One sessions. The rest as they say is history.

Stan Greenwood March 2001


released October 10, 1981

This album was recorded at September Sound Studio, Golcar, Huddersfield June 1981
Produced by Bob Whiteley and The Elements
Engineer Bob Whiteley
Backing vocals on "Enjoy Yourself" Harry Guffick, Gill, Mike and the band
Thanks to Mike for the accommodation. Dennis for coffee etc,
Bob and all at Look Records

The band are:-
Rosemary Robb - Vocals
Christina Willett - Drums & backing vocals
Ian (Spud) Taylor - Keyboards and sax
Steven (Stan) Greenwood - Guitar
Roger Nowell - Bass

Harry Guffick - Road crew
A special thanks to all at Libra press.

The Elements ‎– Elementary
Label: Look Records ‎– LK/LP6649
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album CDR
Country: UK
Released: 1981
Genre: Rock
Style: New Wave


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Skeletal Family Leeds, UK

Skeletal Family sprung forth from the industrial wasteland of Keighley, West Yorkshire in the early eighties.

Following the demise of The Elements in December 1982, guitarist Stan Greenwood, bassist Roger 'Trotwood' Nowell, sax/keyboard player Karl Heinz (Spud) and drummer Steve Crane recruited vocalist Anne Marie Hurst and became Skeletal Family.
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Track Name: Both Feet On The Ground
Verse One
You're stuck in the middle, suspended in mid air
Your life's just gone to pot now, don't know if your here or there
Try and find you're own identity, try and find your real self
Try and find out what you really want, in spite of everyone else.

Chorus One
Life was so much fun, both feet on the ground
So settled in your ways, not a care to be found
But know that's all changed and you're turning another bend
Maybe It was routine that killed it in the end.

Verse Two
And then there was the night it all came too a head
It soon changed your opinion, you wished that he was dead
Thrown to a pack of lions or shot against the wall
And as we all know, it was the unkindest cut of all


Verse Three
So now where are you going, what are you doing next
Here's a little advice now just give yourself a rest
And now I think the time has come for you to go it alone
No more being shit on, no more crying on your own

Chorus Two
Life was so much fun, both feet on the ground
So settled in your ways, not a care to be found
But know that's all changed and you're turning another bend
Maybe It was routine that killed it in the end.
Track Name: Running Backwards
Verse One
Don't know what to do, never felt like this before
Am I going off the tails, will I hit the floor
Don't know what I want, I'm not certain anymore
It's OK don't strain yourself, I'll show myself the door

Chorus One
I'm only running backwards, I'm only flying blind
Everything is new to me, changing all the time
Not knowing what I see and not knowing what I feel
Living in a lonely world where emptiness is real

Verse Two
My life is full of problems, my existence is despair
Will I ever see the light, Am I going mad
You don't know the answers, because you're never there
Once you said you loved me, did you really care?

Chorus Two
I'm only running backwards, I'm only flying blind
Everything is new to me, changing all the time
Not knowing what I see and not knowing what I feel
Living in a lonely world where emptiness is real
Track Name: Stranger In Town
Verse One
Get out of bed and shake your blues away
Don't waste your life you will hate yourself one day
Don't sit around for life to come and find you
Go to the lights and find your fame and fortune

Verse Two
And once you're there don't walk about in wonder
Just staring at the sites that surround you
I know it's strange deserted in a strange place
But from now on this strange place is your home

Verse Three
You're wasting time your life is just stagnating
So frame yourself instead of just waiting
Prepare yourself for life in the future
But beware, don't let the rat trap catch you

Your life is just stagnating, your time is passing you by
Your fortune is there go and find it, your life is yours don't waste it
Track Name: Kill Yourself
Verse One
You want to make a million, you want a slice of fame
You want to share the action, you want to play the game
You want to be a hero, front page news
You think a pile of money will stop your blues
You want to stop the nightmares flying around your head
There's an easy answer you'll be better off dead

Kill yourself blow a hole in your head
Kill yourself make sure your dead
Kill yourself use a knife or an axe
Kill yourself you got to face the facts

Verse Two
You're worried for your future, you're scared about your past
You only care about today because nothing ever lasts
What is your reality and what is in your dreams
What you think you see is never what it seems
You're going for the big one, you're gonna feed them
I hope you're going to mind your step you're heading for a fall
Track Name: Have You Got The Time
Verse One
Out in the cold it's not the same
Now do you know that it wasn't a game
Dry your eyes now do you realise
You had to go we were sick of your lies
You wanted the action you wanted it good
You wanted the money but you never understood
Life was easy money was to burn
But you've got to work if you want to earn

Hey there have you got the time
Hey there we're waiting
Once again you let us down
It's all so frustrating

Verse Two
The crowd was waiting they wanted a show
But you couldn't make it so you had to go
You followed your boyfriend, you believed what he said
His word was gospel you were easily lead
Your guilty conscience brought you back
We said you could stay if you didn't slack
We started to practice we started to work
It was alright at first you didn't shirk

We thought that would be alright
If we gave you some time it would work out right
Things are changing it happened so fast
He stood in your way you couldn't get past
You wanted to leave you wanted to stay
But you couldn't have it all your own way
You pleading in vain it won't happen again
But whatever you say you'll never change
Track Name: If Looks Could Kill
Verse One
There's hate in your eyes, your glaring can be seen
There is no need for words, we can all see what you mean
We can all see what you mean

Verse Two
You stab me in the back, without even coming near
It's supposed to hurt me and fill my mind with fear
And fill my mind with fear

You love me yet you hate me
Your world is split in two
You don't want me to stay
But you won't let me slip through

Verse Three
But I've got news for you, your words don't hurt me
Your glares don't scare me because I'm playing the same trick as you
Because I'm playing the same trick as you
Track Name: Someone
Verse One
Got a crazy fashion from a magazine
You've got the looks to set the scene
You've got the image that's to be seen
You need something to relate to
You need something to hang on to

Verse Two
You and your friends down by the square
You know it's the place you've gotta to be there
So many people like it's where
You need something to relate to
You need something to hang on to

Someone to be, something to do
Everyone knows, looking at you

Verse Three
Yet I saw you in a coffee bar
Away from the square it wasn't far
I'll pick you up I'll get the car
You need something to relate to
You need something to hang on to
Track Name: So Strange
Verse One
Is it the alcohol, or is it the pills?
What makes you tick, what makes you ill?
I can't match your ups but I can show catch your downs
Perhaps there's nothing wrong because you'll always stay around

It's so strange, it brings you down
It's so strange it turns your head around

Verse Two
Make a fool of yourself but you don't care
Paint yourself a different colour, watch those people stare
You don't need nobody but always needs someone there
So independent and free, drowning in all your despair
Track Name: Enjoy Yourself
Verse One
We're living in an age of enforced leisure
We're living in the lap of luxury
This is the dawning hedonistic era
Who says the best things in life aren't free

Go on enjoy yourself
Go on feel free
Get it on any way you can
The future is for you and me

Verse Two
Wwe're living in the age of cut out heroes
This is the age of conformity
Governed by the dictates of fashion
Suppression of identity

Verse Three
Drowning in a sea of cardboard faces
Fighting to find your way
You can't live in the past forever
The future is here to stay
Track Name: All My Best Friends
Verse One
I look in the mirror and your still there
It must be true real reflections can't lie
The image is true, the details too perfect
Yes you're still alive but I saw you die

Yes in my eyes you're dead
The only truth is left unsaid
You can see the light better from the shadows
Crawl in the dark if you want to survive

Verse Two
you can see a ghost from the past oh no
But the Spectre of the present and the future they show
Are perfectly clear oh no
And all of my best friends are dead

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